What is LaTeX?

LaTeX (which is usually pronounced [ˈleɪ.tɛk] or [ˈlɑ.tɛk]) is a document preparation system producing high quality documents. Differently from text processing programs like Word you can write your text with any editor you like (Windows' Notepad would work) and add commands that change the appearance of the end product. To put it in short, LaTeX is a so called markup language comparable to HTML. A big advantage to conventional text processing programs is that LaTeX can handle very large documents trouble-free. Besides, it does not depend on a specific operating system. The files are not stored in a proprietary format, but as plain text, readable by any editor. Thus, you just need a LaTeX system and a text editor—you can find some further information at TUG (the TeX Users Group).

LaTeX is eminently suitable for scientific publications due to the possibility to add a bibliography and citations automatically with the help of BibTeX. You can gather some more information on that topic by reading my BibTeX pages.

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